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Do you monitor my equipment?
Yes. We monitor your equipment 24/7 to verify that it is connected and functional. If we identify a problem, we will contact you immediately through emergency contact information that you provide to us.

Do you manage my server for me?
Our responsibility is to maintain a viable network connection for your server. We do not do anything with the operating system or software on your server unless you make special arrangements with us to do so.

Do you offer any managed services for my server?
If you are interested in having us provide certain managed hosting services, we are pleased to do so. Such services may include patches, upgrades, backup services, more detailed monitoring, tape rotations, hardware replacement, and other services. Please contact us to discuss such arrangements.

Where is your Data Center located?
Our data center is located in Royal Oak, Michigan. We are always pleased to provide tours of our facility. Please contact us for more information.

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